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IQ Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Glazing (QCF)


Qualification Number 600/7973/3
Title IQ Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Glazing (QCF)
Category National
Sector Building & Construction | Glazing & Fenestration
Operational Start Date 01/02/2013
Operational End Date 29/06/2016
Total Units 9 Min Credit 32
Min Guided Learning Hours 204 Max Guided Learning Hours 227
Min Age From 16 Min Age To 100

Registration Fee : £51.00

This is the administrative fee that IQ charges centres to register a learner on this qualification, and NOT a training fee. All fees include registration, certification and postage (international delivery rates may apply).


This specification is intended for trainers, centres and learners. General information regarding centre approval, registration, IQR (IQ’s candidate management system), assessment papers, certification, reasonable adjustments, special consideration, appeals procedures,  are available from the website. This document should be read in conjunction with the IQ QMS Centre guide available from the website

Qualification Purpose

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About this Qualification

The IQ Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Glazing (QCF) is a competence-based qualification for individuals working in glazing, such as installers and maintainers of glass in window and door installations. It provides learners with formal recognition of their competence. All learners will cover the essential areas of communication, working with others, health and safety, installations, confirming requirements, handling materials and equipment and preparatory tasks relating to glazing working environments. Through the optional units, learners will also cover the maintenance of glazing systems, cutting glass for glazing or making installations safe, depending upon the relevance of each of these areas. The objectives of the qualification include meeting relevant programmes of learning, supporting a role in the workplace and preparing learners to progress to a qualification in the same subject area but at a higher level or requiring more specific knowledge, skills and understanding.


This qualification forms the competence component of the Intermediate Level Apprenticeship in Glass Industry Occupations (Level 2), Pathway 9: Glazing.

Take this Qualification

If you are interested in taking this qualification and would like to find your nearest IQ centre, please give us a call on 01952 457 452 and a member of our team will be happy to help.


To achieve the IQ Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Glazing (QCF) learners have to achieve a minimum of 32 credits. 26 credits must come from the mandatory units and a minimum of 6 credits must come from the optional units. Achievement of any additional optional units will be recognised and recorded on the certificate.

IQ Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Glazing (QCF)
Mandatory UnitsMinimum Units:6
 Minimum Credits:26
 A/600/7364Communicating and Working with Others in the Glass and Related Working Environments2318
 J/601/5063Confirm the Glazing Requirements2429
 H/601/5068Install Glass into Glazing Systems2745
 L/601/5064Locate, Handle and Transport Glazing Materials and Equipment2430
 T/601/5060Maintain Health and Safety Within The Glazing Working Environment2430
 R/601/5065Prepare for Glazing Work2428
Optional Units GroupMinimum Units:1
 Minimum Credits:6
 Y/601/5066Carry Out Temporary Work to Make Safe the Glazing Installation2644
 F/601/5076Cut Glass for Glazing2745
 A/601/5075Maintain Glazing Systems3819


All units in this qualification are assessed by portfolio. Evidence for this qualification must come from the learners consistent performance in the workplace and must meet the requirements of the Proskills Assessment Strategy (Appendix A located at the end of this document). Further guidance for each unit can be found in the assessment guidance relevant to each unit. All Assessment Criteria must be met in each relevant unit to achieve this qualification.

An Achievement Record for this qualification which includes the forms necessary to map and claim knowledge and competence is available to download from the IQ website.

Assessment for this qualification must also meet the requirements for Additional Requirements for Qualifications that use the title NVQ within the QCF see appendix B.

Learner Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements. However, learners should be able to work at level 1 or above and be proficient in the use of English Language.

Tutor Requirements

All trainers/assessors and internal verifiers delivering this qualification must meet the requirements as per the Proskills assessment strategy (see Appendix A located at the end of this document).

Centre Requirements

Centres must be approved by IQ in order to offer this qualification



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