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IQ Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Team Leading (QCF)

Qualification Number 600/3280/7
Title IQ Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Team Leading (QCF)
Category National
Sector General Skills
Operational Start Date 01/10/2011
Operational End Date 28/02/2015
Total Units 14 Min Credit 17
Min Guided Learning Hours 80 Max Guided Learning Hours 105
Min Age From 16 Min Age To 100

Rate: £50.00

About this Qualification

The IQ Level 2 Certificate NVQ in Team Leading (QCF) is a qualification for individuals who work as team leaders in any sector. It is suitable for those who have recently started as team leaders as well as those who are well established in this role. This qualification also forms part of the apprenticeship in Team Leading.


The learner must complete a minimum of 17 credits to achieve this qualification.10 credits from the 3 mandatory units, a minimum of 5 credits from optional group 1, and a minimum of 2 credits from optional group 2.

IndexGroupUnit Ref.Unit TitleCreditGuided
1Mandatory GroupH/600/9660Develop working relationships with colleagues315
1Optional Group AY/600/9669Plan, allocate and monitor work of a team525
1Optional Group AM/600/9600Set objectives and provide support for team members535
1Optional Group BL/600/9734Procure supplies220
1Optional Group BR/600/9685Manage conflict in a team320
1Optional Group BY/600/9686Lead and manage meetings420
1Mandatory GroupF/600/9469Manage Personal Development420
1Optional Group BD/600/9804Manage customer service in own area of responsibility425
1Optional Group BT/600/9730Manage knowledge in own area of responsibility415
1Optional Group BL/600/9636Support team members to identifying, developing and implementing new ideas420
1Optional Group BF/600/9715Make effective decisions310
1Mandatory GroupH/600/9724Communicate information and knowledge310
1Optional Group BM/600/9628Manage or support equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion in own area of responsibility420
1Optional Group BH/600/9688Participate in meetings210


Assessment for this qualification is portfolio based. A qualification achievement record for this qualification is available from the IQ website. Specific assessment guidance for each unit is in the relevant unit’s “Assessment guidance and delivery” section. Assessment must also be in accordance with the assessment strategy located at the end of this document in Appendix A.

Learner Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements. However, learners should be able to work at level 1 or above and be proficient in the use of English Language.

Tutor Requirements

All trainers delivering this qualification must meet the requirements as per the assessment strategy (further guidance can be found in the Assessment Strategy Management & Leadership Standards August 2011). See Appendix A at the end of this document.

Centre Requirements



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