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Physical Intervention Skills for the Private Security Industry

Unit Number J/503/4914
Unit Level 2
Unit Title Physical Intervention Skills for the Private Security Industry
Credit Value 1 Guided Learning Hours 10
Mandatory Assessments Required 1

Optional Assessments  of 0 required.


This unit is intended for people who want to work in the private security industry and who require an SIA licence to practise. It covers the knowledge and understanding and/or skills for areas that are relevant to the role of a Door Supervisor.


This unit is based on the SIA Specifications for Learning and qualifications for physical intervention skills.

Assessment is in two parts, both of which must be met in order to successfully complete this unit:


  • Knowledge (LO 1, 2 and 5) which are assessed through standard multiple choice examination (externally set and marked by IQ) under examination conditions. Trainers may not invigilate. A full SIA Identification check must be carried out at the start of the examination as this is part of a license linked qualification.
  • Practical skills (LO 3 and 4) which are assessed by a demonstration of the relevant skills. Centres must use the form “Learner Observation Assessment Record for Unit 4” available from the website. A sample assessment record form is on page 31. 


Trainers should use this form to record the skills demonstrated by the learner as per the approved training programme, they should also record how the learner performed the technique and any additional comments. All skills must be met in order to achieve. If a learner does not achieve the skill at first attempt the trainer should use their judgement as to whether further instruction is necessary and/or more practice, and make appropriate notes in the assessment record. The learner should then be re tested for the skill. Please also use the space on the assessment record form to comment on the learner performance of the skills.


An External Verifier (EV) will be appointed, once you have registered your first cohort of learners, in order to carry out IQ Quality Assurance Procedures and report on your accredited qualifications. They will make at least one visit to your centre each year and will issue an EV Report form after each visit. Please note that Learner certificates will not be issued until after the first EV visit has happened and your centre has been satisfactorily verified by the EV. The EV communicates with IQ through the EV Report form, which ensures sufficient sampling of evidence in order to confirm that IQ quality standards are being applied before the issue of any certificates. In line with Ofqual’s requirements we ask you to ensure that all assessment records and tracking documentation are up to date and complete before each of the EV visits. All such records should be available to the EV and kept for a period of 2 years from the date of learner completion. Please ensure you keep, as a condition of this approval, a complete copy of the Centre Approval documentation you have issued to us, as from time to time the EV and other IQ personnel may wish to review such documentation.


This unit is part of the following qualifications: -

Qualification No.Qualification Title
600/3134/7IQ Level 2 Award in Door Supervision (QCF)
600/3325/3IQ Level 3 Award for Deliverers of Physical Intervention Training in the Private Security Industry (QCF)

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