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IQ Customised Qualifications

Customised qualifications are the perfect solution for your organisation if you have training needs that aren’t met by regulated qualifications. 

Customised qualifications are bespoke non-regulated qualifications that are prepared exclusively with and for the proposing centre. No other centre will be allowed to use a customised qualification without prior approval from the lead centre.


When accrediting a customised qualification, we will formalise the syllabus of learning outcomes, assessment criteria and assessments. Once approved, learners are quality assured in the same way as any qualification delivered by IQ.


Development Process for Customised Qualifications

We see customised qualification development as a collaborative process between customer and awarding organisation and as such, the skill sets of both parties are recognised and utilised throughout the development process. IQ will provide the qualification development experience whilst the centre will provide the subject knowledge. This twofold approach ensures the resultant unregulated training package is of a calibre that meets the requirements of a regulated qualification and therefore will consistently serve the needs of the target audience.


  • Centre completes a business case and submits this to IQ
  • Business case is reviewed by IQ Approval Panel and the development is approved or declined in principle.
  • Assuming the development is approved: Centre completes and submits the Customised Qualification Development Form (CQDF) to IQ. 
  • Approval Panel reconvenes and reviews the proposed qualification on the basis of the additional information provided within the CQDF. 
  • The development is formally approved or declined. 
  • Assuming the development is approved: Centre are quoted and invoiced for the development
  • Development is scheduled and allocated at the point of invoice payment. 

Development Stages:

  • Allocated qualification developer contacts the centre to establish development parameters and timelines.
  • Unit(s) are developed, drawing upon the skillsets of both parties. 
  • Qualification syllabus is developed. 
  • Total Qualification Time (TQT) and Guided Learning Hours (GLH) are quantified
  • Level analysis is completed to ensure the qualification meets the needs of its target learner
  • Assessment documentation is developed and reviewed.
  • Completed qualification documentation is reviewed and signed off

Following these stages the Qualification can then go live!

Development Costs:

The cost of development is dependent upon the size and level of the qualification. The fee for a qualification is made up of the base approval fee plus any additional work required for the development of larger or more specialised qualifications. Variables affecting this fee therefore include the following:

  • Qualification level
  • Number of units within the qualification
  • Assessment methodology
  • Subject matter, and whether you are providing subject expert(s)
  • Developmental burden placed upon IQ: For this reason it is well worth investing time and effort into the population of the above described CQDF so as to reduce resultant developmental costs.

Centre Approval:

Centres wishing to deliver a customised qualification must first become approved IQ providers. This is conducted in parallel to the above described development process. Evidence must be provided to our helpful centre approval team to confirm that the delivery requirements set within the qualification syllabus can be met. Not only will this enable the delivery of the customised qualification, but it will enable access for further IQ regulated qualifications assuming their delivery requirements can also be met.  Please refer to the IQ Price Guide and Funding List for further information about this process or contact us on

Validity Period & Annual Maintenance Review:

Customised qualifications are valid for 3 years and are reviewed annually to ensure continued fitness for purpose. Please refer to the IQ Qualifications Price Guide and Funding List for further information. In the case of zero registrations, discussions will commence between IQ and the provider to ascertain the reason for the lack up uptake. This may lead to the expiry of the qualification should it become clear that it is no longer serving its intended audience.


Please refer to the CQF Factsheet & Fees for our current price structure.


We aim to provide a fair quote that reflects the level of work required by our team to support the development of your qualification. Our itemised quotes will comprise of an initial development fee, as well as an annual maintenance fee, valid for 60 days. Fees quoted also exclude travel expenses and other disbursements, which we will identify where required. We do not charge the approval fee again in full if the submitted qualification has not met the requirement and is sent back to the centre for rework. However, we may quote additional costs arising out of approval on an hourly rate should significant work is required.

Approval and development costs are normally payable within 30 days of receipt.  Development will not commence until payment is received. 

Forms and Guidance:

For the forms and guidance necessary to develop a customised qualification with IQ, please see the following: