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The IQ Customised Qualification Framework

The IQ Customised Qualifications Framework (CQF) is an IQ qualifications framework for industry and organisations, who want to keep some or complete ownership of their own qualifications. The CQF uses the same IQ systems and operates in exactly the same way as the QCF, thus ensuring appropriate and required external quality assurance from IQ.

The framework goes from entry level to level 8 signifying the different educational levels of difficulty.

Each qualification unit has a credit value based on its notional hours of learning (ie 1 credit equals 10 notional hours of learning). The qualifications come in 3 sizes:

  • Award ( between 1 to 12 credits)
  • Certificate (between 13 to 36 credits) or
  • Diploma (37 credits and above).

IQ names its CQF qualifications using the same educational level and the QCF size requirements, as follows; an IQ Level 3 Industry Award in........., an IQ Level 5 Organisation Certificate in........ By aligning the CQF rules and naming convention with the QCF credit framework and naming convention, IQ is able to ensure complete learner comparability, transferability and progression, between both frameworks.

CQF qualifications are normally privately funded by the industry or organisation involved in the qualification’s development and IQ has a complete service for helping industry and organisations develop their qualifications.