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National Qualifications (The RQF)

The Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) is a national framework controlled by the English, Northern Irish and Welsh regulators (Ofqual, CCEA and DfES). Industry Qualifications is a nationally regulated Awarding Organisation that can combine units of assessment into qualifications on the RQF. Our centres can then offer and deliver these qualifications to learners. These qualifications may be eligible for public funding, but this does not mean they will be funded - such decisions depend on Government education and skills policy.

Qualification Level

The regulated qualifications framework goes all the way from Entry Level to Level 8. The different educational levels signify the level of qualification difficulty, and therefore the demands that will be placed upon a prospective learner. Entry criteria are designed such that only those capable of meeting these demands will be eligible for entry to the relevant course programme.

Qualification Size (Award/ Certificate/ Diploma)

Qualification size is denoted by the following terms: Award, Certificate and Diploma. 

  • Award: A small-sized qualification with a total qualification time (TQT) of 120hrs or less.
  • Certificate: A medium-sized qualification with a total qualification time (TQT) of 121-369hrs. 
  • Diploma: A large-sized qualification with a total qualification time (TQT) of 370hrs or more.