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Health & Social Care

The Health and Social Care sector includes a wide variety of roles, with divergent skills required and levels of demand. It includes the work which takes place within hospitals, care homes, nursing homes, hospices and dental practices. This is one of the largest employment sectors in the UK, the main employer being the National Health Service (NHS), but positions also exist in the private sector and voluntary sector.

There were 1.75 million paid jobs in adult social care in England in 2009, of these 1.61 million are directly employed at a place of work and 140,000 are employed by agency, bank and pool workers, volunteers, students and others including the self-employed. In 2012, the budget for NHS was £105 Billion and the sector is steadily expected to grow in size of employees, needing a minimum of 2 million workers by 2025, giving potential apprentices great potential for a career in a growing sector.

Key roles include:

  • Health administration
  • Care management
  • Community development
  • Charity Officers
  • Social workers
  • Youth workers
  • Doctors
  • Nursing
  • Paramedics
  • Health therapies
  • Medical technicians
  • Health care assistants
  • Personal advisors
  • Counsellors


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