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Building & Construction

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Whilst the building and construction industry can be turbulent, it still contributes a sizeable chunk to the UK economy. The construction sector covers a wide range of skills and occupations, starting with manufacturers, suppliers and producers of construction materials. It also covers contractors, surveyors, advisers and all those involved in the design, build, operation and refurbishment of buildings. Specialist sectors exist for different types of construction, for example construction in the oil and gas sector, transportation, warehousing, green construction and residential.

We believe that in order to work efficiently in this industry and gain customer trust, qualifications are vital. In many cases, business and construction practices can be dangerous and those undertaking practical building work will need to evidence some understanding of health and safety practices.

Many of our qualifications in this sector are tailored towards specific job roles and are intended to cover all the essentials needed to support you in the workplace and in any further qualifications.

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Building & Construction Qualifications