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Key Organisations

Construction Skills

Construction Skills are the Sector Skills Council and Industry Training Board for the construction industry.

Construction Skills currently represent over 3 million workers and are committed to working with industry, for industry to deliver a safe, professional and fully qualified UK construction workforce.

They work alongside construction companies to help them improve skills, increase their competitive edge and respond to the many challenges employers face – from the low carbon agenda, through to reducing costs on-site and recruiting the best and brightest talent for their sector.

They also run the largest construction college in Europe, which provides quality and affordable training to 30,000 workers each year.  Support for apprentices is also provided – matching them with an employer and training them at flagship colleges throughout the UK. These apprenticeship programmes boast an impressive record, breaking the national average for apprenticeship completion rates by 10%. Last year, 77% of apprentices completed their framework.

Finally, they work to both lobby the government regarding construction related legislation and also to provide support and consultation on legislative matters for construction companies.


Proskills UK is an employer-led organisation that represents the interests of the industries that make up the process and manufacturing sector to government.

Proskills work in collaboration with employers in order to ensure the sustainability of the industries that make up the process and manufacturing sectors. These are:

  • Building Products
  • Coatings
  • Ceramics
  • Extractives
  • Glass
  • Furniture
  • Paper
  • Print
  • Wood

Their primary focus is on developing standards and qualifications, researching industry needs and trends and engaging with employers through the Industry Boards, with the Government and their agencies, as well as with other partner organisations.

They aim to coordinate the development and delivery of a sustainable, employer-driven education and skills programme to the process and manufacturing sector through an accredited training provider network. They will also be responsible for the development of a wide range of employer-endorsed products and services.

Additionally, Proskills is the lead for generic Health and Safety and are now custodians of the original ENTO national occupational standards for generic H&S.

As lead in this key area Proskills have the responsibility for:

  • Managing H&S cross sector projects
  • Reviewing the National Occupational Standards for generic H&S
  • Development of a Sector Qualifications Strategy(SQS)
  • Providing early dialogue for development and approval of vocational H&S qualifications
  • Developing and managing a Modern Apprenticeship framework for H&S