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News from the Construction Sector

Development Spotlight: Glass Related Distribution and Warehousing

In this month’s Development Spotlight we take a look at two upcoming qualifications for the glass sector.

The IQ Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Glass and Glass Related Distribution and Warehousing is aimed at individuals who undertake activities in the distribution and warehousing of glass and glass related products. This could include those involved in receiving products, storing them in the warehouse and handing over goods to customers; either in the organisation’s premises or by delivery vehicle.

The content consists of three mandatory units which cover the basic functions, safety and standard equipment of a warehouse, how to work effectively with colleagues in a warehouse environment and the necessary health and safety requirements that must be observed. Learners then have the opportunity to diversify with a wide range of optional units that cover issues such as the correct methods to handle and store the glass, how to conduct quality checks and how to prepare products for delivery.

This range of nine optional units also gives the added advantage of making the qualification a useful asset for those who work in any warehousing environment, broadening its appeal beyond the glass sector.

Registrations on this qualification will cost £50 and we anticipate that it will be live and available to centres within the next two weeks.

Following on from the Level 2, IQ are also currently developing the Level 3 NVQ Certificate in Glass and Glass Related Distribution and Warehousing to enable learners to progress. The Level 3 is designed for those who are looking to take on additional responsibilities within the warehouse setting.

If you are interested in learning more about these qualifications please get in touch.

Apr 11, 2014 09:32 AM

Qualifications and Skills Cards for Door and Window Installers Launched in Partnership with MTC Approved Bodies

IQ has teamed up with three certification bodies : BM TRADA, Certass and Network Veka to launch the minimum technical competency (MTC) qualifications and skills card, which allow installers of external windows and doorsets to demonstrate that they meet the strict new government requirements for approved competent person schemes in the sector.

Under the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) requirements, installers and surveyors within competent person schemes for windows and doors must verify their competence against the Fenestration MTCs by 6th June 2014. IQ’s MTC Card will enable each installer/surveyor to demonstrate they meet this requirement.

An MTC-assessed installer will need to be present for each installation, which means that all installation team leaders are likely to require assessment. Similarly anyone who is conducting a survey will also need to be assessed, unless the company can demonstrate that each survey is carried out under the supervision of a competent surveyor.

Companies who choose not to have the competence of their installers/surveyors assessed will not be able to remain in any of the approved competent person schemes on the market. They will instead be required to register each door and window installation through Local Authority Building Control.

To minimise disruption to the installer’s business, IQ’s assessments can be completed alongside the routine site inspections that are required as part of its Competent Person Scheme. Installers / surveyors who have a current NVQ may also be able to obtain an MTC card without undertaking a full MTC assessment provided the skills requirements and NVQ certificate can be verified.

The certification body will assess the installer / surveyor’s knowledge and competence through a written test and observation of the installer / surveyor as they carry out their work, asking additional questions to verify scenarios that cannot be observed during the assessment. Each MTC card is valid for a period of three years, at the end of which re-assessment will be required.

As well as providing a verified proof of skills and competencies, IQ’s MTC Skills Card is linked to an online skills profile that enables people on the scheme to advertise their skills and competencies, provide links to previous experience and contact details, should they so wish.

Interested applicants can access the IQ’s MTC Scheme through BM Trada, Certass or Network Veka.

Feb 14, 2014 03:52 PM

IQ Launches New MTC Skills Card for the Glazing Industry

Industry Qualifications (IQ) has joined forces with leading glazing sector Certification Bodies BM Trada, CERTASS and Assure to develop an MTC Skills Card scheme for the glazing industry, designed to assess the site operative Minimum Technical Competence requirements for both Competent Person scheme membership and PAS2030 certification.

Site operatives in possession of the MTC Skills Card are able to demonstrate their occupational competence to consumers, employers and Certification Bodies. The IQ MTC skill cards will be available for both surveyors and installers and can be achieved through possession of an approved qualification, or a multiple choice test and on-site assessment. IQ will administer the assessments, assessment records and the production of the MTC Skills Card on behalf of the appropriate certification body.

Raymond Clarke, Chief Executive of IQ stated “The MTC Skills Card and multiple choice assessments due to go live in November are very competitively priced. The scheme design allows each Certification Body to set its own pricing and delivery method for on-site assessment. We believe this offers both a rigorous and flexible method of delivering the Government’s new requirement”

Jason Clemmit, Managing Director of CERTASS welcomed the announcement saying, “We are delighted to have helped create a powerful platform for an industry wide scheme along with IQ and other UKAS accredited Certification Bodies.”

Jon Osborn, Chief Operating Officer of BM Trada agreed, saying “by working together we have been able to pool our expertise to develop a robust and credible scheme. It is a clear demonstration of what can be achieved when those with the best interests of the industry at heart join forces.”

Austin Greene, Technical and Compliance Manager at Assure said, “This initiative heralds a real change in the composition of the qualifications markets in the glazing industry, embracing the past but providing a future underpinned by choice and quality provision.”

About Industry Qualifications

IQ is a multi-sector Ofqual approved awarding organisation and began to offer qualifications to the glazing sector earlier this year and is one of the UK’s fastest growing awarding organisations, with some 14 qualifications already developed in glazing and fenestration.

IQ has a philosophy based upon quality, partnership and transparency. IQ is a mutual body committed to the highest operational and ethical standards and designed to harness the power of and develop opportunities for our members. IQ expects to be one of the ten largest awarding bodies in the UK before 2015.

Further information on the scheme will be issued in the coming months. In the meantime if you are interested in learning more please contact Raymond Clarke at IQ.

Oct 04, 2013 02:09 PM

FENSA Recognises IQ for MTC Scheme

FENSA has recently released details on the FENSA Minimum Training Competence Card for those offering services under the government’s Green Deal scheme and CPS.


We are pleased to confirm that the following qualifications are approved for FENSA MTC recognition:-


IQ and FENSA will work together over the coming weeks to ensure that there is a seamless interface between their respective IT systems to allow data confirmation and transfer.

Details of the FENSA scheme are available at and IQ expects to make a similar announcement in relation to Certass very shortly.

Apr 29, 2013 11:06 AM

IQ Strengthens Glazing Qualifications with New Price Offer

With 13 qualifications and 11 apprenticeship pathways now available in this sector, IQ are improving our offer for training providers that become an IQ centre before July 31st 2013.

The IQ Advantage

The entry of IQ into the glazing sector gives training companies and employers increased choice. Just because things have been done in a particular manner for many years, does not mean that they need to continue to be undertaken that way. IQ have looked at the sector from the perspective of best and national practice and made some important changes.


  • Prices are significantly less than those of the market leader, for identical qualifications. The published rate for an IQ NVQ is £50. The pricing offer detailed below reduces IQ fees still further.
  • Offers direct claim status to centres, reducing the number and cost of external verification visits.
  • Does not license assessors or centres. There is no regulatory requirement and little or no benefit from a quality assurance perspective to this activity.
  • Allows additional assessors to be added to a centre’s profile within 2 working days (subject to a CV and sector competence check).
  • Guarantees to dispatch certificates within 3 working days of a (direct claim) centre’s application, improving cash flow for those eligible for public funding.
  • Offers the complete apprenticeship bundle, including, from summer 2013, IQ Functional Skills.
  • Provides opportunities for centres to re-sell training materials through the IQ network.
  • Provides access to international markets.

In addition to all of this, as a pan-sector awarding organisation, offering over 100 QCF accredited qualifications, we can help you diversify and extend your training portfolio. Our qualifications also cover management, administration, customer service, health & safety and facilities management.

New Pricing Offer

IQ pricing is already highly competitive in comparison to the market leader, but to help persuade providers of the many benefits that our service entails, IQ is offering:-

  • A 10% reduction on the price of its glass sector NVQ’s, guaranteed until 2015, for those organisations becoming IQ centres before 31 July 2013.  NVQ’s from IQ will be just £45 for those taking up the offer.
  • Centres that make 10 registrations with IQ before 31 July 2013 will have the cost of their EV visit (charged at £300) completely refunded; this means you can become an IQ centre at zero cost.


If you are interested in becoming an IQ centre, read more about the process here, or give us a call on 01952 457 452.

Apr 25, 2013 11:43 AM

Energy bills rising!

Neil Robinson Employer Director at 4GE looks at the opportunity for Green Deal Installers.

Have you had a look at your energy bills lately? I am sure millions of homeowners across the country will be interested in any measures that could contribute to reducing energy bills provided the price is right.

The Government’s new initiative, Green Deal will provide energy efficient home improvement measures at affordable prices with no deposit to low income home owners. The government estimates around 26 Million households and 4.5Million businesses will benefit from Green Deal measures in an energy efficient market of over £8 Billion.

To have a share of the market, business employers will be required to operate in line with PAS 2030 (document published by the British Standards Institute) and be authorised Green Deal installers approved by a certified Competent Persons Scheme. Only authorised Green Deal installers will be eligible to display the Green Deal Quality Mark.

To be certified by a Competent Persons Scheme the business must demonstrate competency of their employee’s trade. For glazing installers a recognised qualification will satisfy these requirements. There are a number of glass qualifications related to Green Deal including Fenestration Levels 2 and 3, Surveying and Fenestration Level 3, for suppliers Fabrication Levels 2 and 3 and Manufacturing Level 2.

The cost is considerably higher in percentage of turnover for small businesses to put employees through qualifications compared to that of larger businesses. Fortunately, the government provides funding to training providers to help reduce the costs incurred by these businesses. For example, a business could receive as much as £2500 of financial support for the first 12 months of an apprentice’s employment.

So now is the time to be prepared and get ready for the opportunities available from the 1st October 2012.

CERTASS has recognised the need to help its membership through to achieving the Green Deal Quality Mark and has formed a partnership with 4GE Academy, a Nationwide Training Provider to deliver the relevant qualifications.  All CERTASS members interested in being part of the government’s new initiative Green Deal will be invited to sign up with 4GE and follow the relevant qualification programme. The scheme has been launched this month and already interest is high. An added bonus to all CERTASS members joining the scheme will be the provision of CSCS cards for commercial applications.

4GE Academy is delighted to be part of this exciting period of change in the glass industry and has the resource necessary to meet the needs of Green Deal. Working closely with two awarding organisations;

1. GQA qualifications have been providing qualifications to the glass sector for over two decades.

2 . IQ, Industry Qualifications- a new, dynamic organisation with quality at the heart of its operation. IQ is unique in that it is the first mutual multi-sector awarding organisation in the UK and brings a growing range of glazing, training and managerial qualifications to the glass sector. To quote Raymond Clarke CEO, “The value of an awarding brand is dependent upon the integrity of its assessment process. We have sought to be best in class, and are committed to excellence in customer service, product quality and quality assurance with centres. We believe that the breadth, quality and pricing of the IQ offer will be highly attractive to the sector.”

Further details for editors:

Any enquiries regarding IQ contact Sallyann Baldry, Head of Business Development on 01952 457452 –

Any enquiries regarding funding for apprenticeships and qualifications for window and door surveyors, installers and fabricators contact Neil Robinson at 4GE on -

Aug 02, 2012 10:47 AM

Industry Qualifications to Offer Qualifications in Glazing

From August, the glazing sector will have the opportunity to work with a new awarding organisation that has entered the sector. Industry Qualifications (IQ) is the first multi-sector mutual awarding organisation in the UK and it will be offering a wide range of awards for the glazing sector.

According to Raymond Clarke, Chief Executive of IQ, the company offers a new approach to awarding operations. “The mutual structure of IQ is designed to build strong bonds with centres and encourages shared brand values. Our focus is to provide a premium awarding brand in terms of quality assurance and customer support, whilst providing exceptional value for money. IQ operates on a capped margin, returning surpluses to members by way of dividend. The innovative structure separates the interests of shareholders from member centres and centres but is designed to encourage transparency and involvement.” IQ is expected to become one of the ten largest awarding organisations in the UK within three years.

IQ has been working with a number of strategic partners in the glazing sector during its preparation for entry into the sector who have played a significant role in shaping the IQ offer. Neil Robinson, Employer Engagement Director at 4GE said, “We are delighted to be working with the IQ team on shaping the IQ offer for the glazing sector. We have been impressed by their willingness to engage with the sector and the quality of the approach. When combined with our relationship with CERTASS, 4GE is well placed to support the industry in meeting the competence requirement for installers wishing to benefit from the Green Deal Quality Mark.”

IQ will be offering a wide range of sector specific and generic qualifications, with NVQ qualifications priced at £50+VAT.  For details of the qualifications we offer, please see

Aug 01, 2012 10:50 PM