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Cogent is the UK's industry skills body for chemical, pharmaceutical, nuclear, petroleum, polymers and life sciences business.

Cogent are an employer led Sector Skills Council that work to develop standards for the Science based industries.

They aim:

  • To be the collective voice of employers with regards to skills and to use this position to influence Government and public providers of skills, education and training.
  • To attract young people into the Sector and to help shape the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) curriculum.
  • To develop qualifications and standards that are fit for use today but also focused on future needs.
  • To continually undertake in-depth labour market research in order to ensure that they provide a current, industry-by-industry picture of the skills needs.

Their work is underpinned by Cogent’s Labour Market Information (LMI) and world-class standards- including the Cogent Gold Standard.

Cogent have continued to expand and now have 1500 active companies, providing a voice for employer demand. The establishment of the two National Skills Academies has allowed Cogent to reach out to much larger numbers of employers and learners and to work with providers.

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