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In our early days, we focused heavily on the security sector and as it has advanced and adapted over the past few years, so has our raft of qualifications. As a whole, the sector contributes billions to the UK and because it is becoming increasingly recognised as vital to businesses, security qualifications are gaining popularity.

The security sector covers a broad array of functions, spanning from the employment of security personnel to those involved in the design and installation of complex security systems. From sole traders to international organisations, those dealing in the industry must maintain strict controls over personnel and our qualifications enable you to do that.

Our range of security qualifications are backed by the integrity of our assessment processes and in passing these strictly monitored courses, you can gain the trust of both customers and prospective employers. Moreover, in some cases, successful completion of our qualification will enable you to apply for a Security Industry Authority (SIA) license and take your career further.

For a comprehensive overview of what the IQ Group can do for those in the security industry, please view our Security Brochure.

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