Membership benefits

Becoming a member of IQ opens up a wide range of unique opportunities.

Value : Pricing for IQ qualifications are competitive and transparent, applied equally and reflecting the cost of delivery. We operate a four level fee structure for qualifications, based on whether the qualification is multiple choice, short answer, extended answer or competence based.

Shared rewards: We believe that financial success should be shared with members. Profits after a controlled and limited payment to investors, and provisions for future investment, are returned to members. IQ members receive a dividend dependent upon the level of their expenditure.

Involvement: IQ members have the opportunity to influence the policy, direction and management of the awarding organisation. For us, centres are not just customers to whom we offer products; they are stakeholders in the way that we manage the business.

Opportunity: IQ provides the opportunity for members to co-operate and share contacts and opportunities through the organisation. An example would be the export of vocational education, where co-operation between members and IQ can expand the opportunities for members, and lever real international presence.

Respect: As a membership organisation, our focus is to work with members and respect their long term role as part of the IQ organisation. IQ views members as long term partners, not a route to market.

Association: We are driven by standards and not targets or budgets. Our objective is to offer a premier brand to organisations that wish to be associated with the best.

Visibility: For those that are strategically placed within a sector, such as a representative body, we offer the opportunity to provide the front end customer support for the awarding organisation as a co-ordinating hub. Such members benefit from increased influence on the awarding operation in their own sector.

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