Joining Us

There are four classes of membership within IQ:

  • Centre: IQ recognises centres in an identical way to a traditional awarding body. Centres are able to offer assessment for IQ qualifications. The relationship between the centre and IQ is one of customer and supplier.
  • Member: Members are also assessment centres, but they enjoy a symbiotic relationship as they are part of the company and can influence policy and procedures. They also benefit from the financial success of the company.
  • Representative member: Representative members are centres and enjoy the same sort of relationship with IQ as members. However, they have a strategic position in their industry sector and co-ordinate satellite centres on behalf of IQ. The representative member essentially provides the customer facing contact for IQ.
  • Founder member: Founder members can be individuals or organisations, and may or may not be centres. Founder members are the investors in the organisation.

The comparative benefits of the different types of membership are as follows:

Centre Member Representative member Founder member
Ownership - Part of the IQ mutual Part of the IQ mutual Part of IQ Ltd
Investment - None None Share price of current offer
Membership fee
(per annum)
- £50 + VAT £50 + VAT Free
Centre approval & certification (per annum) £250 + VAT £200 + VAT £150 + VAT Not applicable*
Candidate registration and certification fees Published centre rate Published centre rate 10% discount on published centre rate Fee for appropriate member category apply*
Dividends/investment payments
IQ pays a fixed fee to investors based upon turnover, & surpluses after investment are returned to members
None A share of surpluses, dependent upon expenditure A share of surpluses, dependent upon expenditure A share of the investors’ dividend pot*
Influence on policy and procedures None Yes Yes Yes
Developing Customised Qualifications Yes Yes Yes Yes
Endorsement of training materials No Yes Yes Yes
Co-branding No Yes Yes Yes
Promotion of products and services No Yes Yes Yes*
Involvement in export initiatives Yes Yes Yes Yes
Board representation None Can stand for election to members committee Can stand for election to members committee Can stand for election to IQ Board*

*applicable category applies

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