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Customer Charter

We seek to set new standards in the relationship between awarding organisations and assessment centres, providing a premium brand qualifications body. We believe that our key differentiators are our approach to quality, partnership and customer service and the management team and staff of IQ are committed to delivery of the following commitments.


We recognise that the integrity of assessment and quality assurance arrangements directly affect the perception and value of an awarding brand. We commit to:-

  • Offering assessments that thoroughly assess knowledge and or competence to standards acceptable and understood by employers;
  • Providing quality assurance arrangements that are both thorough and informed;
  • Placing quality assurance considerations before commercial any activity or action designed to gain commercial advantage

Timeliness & Responsiveness

We understand that centres require an informed, timely and responsive service. We commit to:-

  • Providing minimum service commitments for each award and where those commitments are not met, not making a charge for our service
  • Ensuring the support staff are informed and able to provide accurate advice to centres quickly
  • Respond to queries within a 24 hour period

We underpin these commitments with guarantees and service level agreements.

Integrity & Transparency

IQ will manage its activities in an open and transparent manner, applying both the letter and spirit of regulatory requirements with a commitment to quality, service and value. We commit to:-

  • Providing clear policies and procedures that are commonly available to members and centres;
  • Placing the twin values of equality and fairness at the heart of our relationships with stakeholders;
  • Publishing data about the performance of the awarding organisation;
  • Providing mechanisms that allow stakeholder to influence policy;
  • To be transparent in our pricing.


IQ values partnership and long term relationships. We commit to:-

  • Supporting plurality and diversity within the educational supply chain;
  • Working to avoid competing with member organisations;
  • Assisting our members and customers in developing their businesses.


IQ is focused on providing value to its members and centres. We measure value by price, service, and the confidence placed in the brand. We commit to:-

  • Managing quality in a way that there is confidence in the integrity of the brand;
  • Price awards on the basis of the effort required by IQ to deliver those awards;
  • Return surpluses to members after we have met investment, service and quality considerations have been met.