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Examination Officers' Association

EOA LogoThe Examination Officers' Association (EOA) is an independent, non-union organisation whose role is to support the professional development of exam office personnel working in centres throughout the UK.The association ensure that their members' views are heard by government agencies, awarding bodies and senior management teams. Members have access to information, resources and a strong peer support grass roots network, to help their day-to-day work. The EOA also promotes the importance of the role of exam office staff to the whole education community so that they can be supported in delivering an effective examination system.

IQ and the EOA is working closely together to develop accredited qualifications for invigilation staff and the production of a DVD focusing on good invigilation practice. The EOA also supports IQ's existing services to the exam office community. As we enter a new era in exam management and administration there is a need to continue to encourage a more sharing environment that benefits all of our community.