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Visions & Values

IQ is committed to making a positive difference in the qualifications industry. Find out more about the vision and values we hold.

We intend to be one of the ten largest awarding organisations in the UK before 2015. The IQ model harnesses the power of mutuality and partnership to lever market position.

The aim is to develop an awarding organisation that:

  • Is committed to long term partnership with members
  • Has a reputation for quality of assessment, product and service
  • Is led by members in relation to product, delivery and pricing
  • Works to integrate members in the delivery process
  • Is responsive to opportunity


The values that underpin IQ set it apart from other generic awarding organisations:

Mutuality: We believe that by providing an environment in which member centres are stakeholders in the brand, we can offer a more influential organisation with stronger brand awareness, better products and a network that benefits all stakeholders.
Involvement: Our structure encourages member centres to engage in the governance of the awarding organisation and have real influence in its operation and direction of travel. It is an example of where the sum of the whole can be greater than the sum of the parts.
Partnership: IQ values and promotes long term partnership. We recognise the value that is brought to the delivery of education and assessment by our members and are committed to sharing success and recognising the added value of such partnerships over the long term.
Sharing success: IQ believes that investors have a right to a reasonable return on their investment but also that the organisation needs funds to grow and develop. We have a defined and transparent formula for rewarding shareholders, a legally enforceable agreement to involve members in the agreement of investment plans and operational budgets, and surpluses beyond this are returned to members by way of dividend.
Transparency: Our pricing policy is transparent and consistent with the provision of a quality product, service and maintenance of a respected brand. Our aim is to be competitive and consistent.
Quality: The value of an awarding brand is dependent upon the integrity of its assessment process. We have sought to be best in class, and are committed to excellence in customer service and product quality. IQ is unique in utilising peer group review as an integral part of the centre approval process and in having the ability to levy penalties on members should serious and systematic malpractice occur. We believe that by protecting the integrity of the brand, our members benefit from the value of the brand.